Department of Chemistry Dean's Greetings

The Department of Chemistry at the Technische Universität München has taken great efforts to meet the requirements of a rapidly changing scientific environment.
We offer a broad diversity of subjects: The traditional areas of Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry have been enriched by Chemical Technology, Radiochemistry, Food Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, and Hydrochemistry many years ago. The last years saw new expansions into the fields of Biochemistry and Construction Chemistry.

In spite of the broad horizon of different diciplines there is a focus on the research areas Catalysis and Biological Chemistry. A new challenge in the fields of Electrochemistry and Electromobility gets a new roll in the department.

Excellency in fundamental research on a high scientific level, and close scientific connections to the chemical industry serve as a basis for a high quality and practically oriented education of our students. By redesigning the course of chemistry as well as implementating bachelor courses as an opportunity to an early career qualification we accomodate the demands of the job market, and the simplification of international exchange.

I cordially suggest that you make your own impression from our internet presentation. If we succeeded in interesting you, we are always at your disposal should you want to contact us. There are public events like our annual information days for students-to-be, and our open day, which both provide an opportunity to welcome you.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. O. Hinrichsen