Use of nursery during Corona pandemic

Despite the current situation, the use of the nursery is possible with respect to the hygiene guidelines (PDF document).


The flexible TUM childcare is generally done as single child care, but child care for siblings is possible as well. Students can also team up in taking caare of their children, as long as a record of all involved persons is kept.

When booking professional childcare, the "Erklärung zum Gesundheitszustand" (PDF) has to be filled on the booked date.


The nursery - general information

The nursery is situated centrally on the ground floor of the department in room number CH26501 (opposite the cafeteria). It can be used by students, academic and non-academic staff, as well as by guests. If needed, flexible child care can be booked on a temporary basis. The room fulfils more than one function at once:

It is made for mothers to be as well as breast-feeding mothers for relaxation. Parents can work while their children play. Small meetings with only few students or co-workers are possible as well. The room can be used as playing room during meetings, conferences or long-term experiments exceeding opening hours of normal child care centres. It was of special concern to the department to implement this when creating family friendly working conditions.

The room can also be booked together with professional childcare, which is implemented by the agency „Rund um Familie“ (R.U.F.).

On the following pages you can find more information on the equipment and guidelines for use, as well as booking of the nursery and child care.

If there are further queries concerning the nursery, please contact the woman´s representative of the department, Oksana Storcheva (

Nursery´s equipment

The nursery has all necessities needed to provide diverse activities for children of different ages.

There is:

  • Play kitchen
  • Different toys (Building bricks, Duplo, board games, wooden railway, abacus, and many more) and lots of children books
  • A playing carpet
  • Two couches
  • Playing dishes and cutlery
  • A sink
  • Diaper changing table

There is also a microwave close-by (dean´s kitchen CH26509) available.

For parents wanting to work while heir children play, there is a writing desk for working installed.

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Nursery Booking


If you would like to book the nursery and you are planning to care for your child on your own, please use the following booking form: Buchung mit Selbstbetreuung.

Professional child care:

If you would like to book professional child-care to care for your child in the nursery, please use the following booking form: Buchung mit Fremdbetreuung.