Graduation Day

The Graduation Day is the central commemorative event of the Department of Chemistry.

On this year, we want to look retrospectively at the last 12 month and honor the achievements. The highlight is the distinction of our graduates, doctorates and awardees.

Graduation Day / Commencement Day 2020

The Graduation Day for 2020 is cancelled due to the Corona crisis. However, we still try to distrubute the EVONIK prize or the Manchot prize later this year in a smaller event.

Tender for the EVONIK research award 2020.


Graduation Day / Commencement Day 2019

The recent Graduation Day took place on July 26th 2019. Here, you can find photos and a summary of the events.

Information and pictures of previous Graduation days

Informations about and photos from the Graduation Days of the previous years can be found be clicking on the appopriate year in the menu to the left of this webpage.