Diversity Board

The diversity board is a newly established commitee of the chemistry department.

Starting in November 2016, board meetings will be taking place at least one time per semester. The boards target is to support the women´s representative in her work and to coordinate projects in the field of gender and diversity.

The diversity boards current work concentrates on the definition of relevant topics for the new target agreements, which have to be appointed in 2017. Therefore the target agreements of the last five years are examined in order to find out about their topicality and new topics are evaluated by their relevance for the new target agreements.


The diversity board consists of the following people (in alphabetical order). Whenever you have a topic that you want to discuss with the board, feel free to contact any member. If you have questions regarding a specific area of the Diversity Board's work, you can also find additional information on the fields of work of the members below.

Isabel Aschenbrenner

Doctoral students' representative

PhD student at the Chair for Cellular Protein Biochemistry (Prof. Dr. Matthias Feige) since 04/2019


Dr. Markus Drees

Managing director of the departmental graduate school chemistry



Bettina Federmann

Daniela Fengler

International Office



Prof. Dr. Corinna Hess

Assistant professorship bioinorganic chemistry



Nicolas Hilgert

Doctoral students' representative



Dr. Christoph Kaiser

Julia Klüpfel

I take care of the Diversity Board's website content and of protocols for board meetings. Furthermore I am available for any questions of students and PhD students and am happy to help with any problems.



Prof. Dr. Fritz E. Kühn

Dean of international affairs



Sandra Paßreiter

Student representative



Dr. Alexander Pöthig

I am involved in the co-organization of projects of the Diversity Board, e.g. in the frame of the Diversity Day. You can also contact me, in case you have any questions or problems regarding diversity issues at the faculty – especially concerning LGBT+ related topics.




Dr. Gabriele Raudaschl-Sieber

Academic Director



Dr. Robert Reich

Manager international affairs



Nathalie Rinne

Faculty management



Martin Schellerer

As representative body for disabled employees, my job is to improve the inclusion of disabled employees at the faculty. I represent their interests and am available if they need help.



Dr. Oksana Storcheva

womens representative of the faculty of chemistry