Frequently Asked Questions - common questions about the doctorate

Note: This section is constantly under expansion!

Question: When can I register as a graduate student and by when it should be done the latest?

Answer: Once you have a Masters degree or diploma certificate at hand and you have an agreement with your potential advisor about a doctorate project, you can register as a doctorate student. This is achieved via the web tool "Doc-GS", which generates the application form for registration in the promotion list automatically. To complete the registration other documents are needed. This can be found but on the relevant pages of our website.

For the latest possible moment, it should be kept in mind that you must have two years of membership in the TUM-GS up to the doctoral examination. Therefore, it is important to register as soon as possible.

Question: Do I have to have the essay about my topic ready at the time of registration in Doc-GS?

Answer: You have time for up to 6 months to create this essay about your research projects. Please upload the final version of the essay into the Doc-GS system (under "Leistungsanträge")

Question: Which length is adequate for the essay?

Answer: There are regulation about the minimum page numbers in place. The main idea behind this essay is that you have thought about the subject in details and can define milestones of your research.

Question: Do I have to immatriculate as student during the doctorate period or when is this immatriculation possible and what requirements are there?

Answer: The immatriculation for doctoral candidates can be seen as a service of the university that allows to keep your student status (and the public transport ticket) for 3 more years. But there is no obligation to enroll. For enforcing the immatriculation, the proof of a valid entry on the promotion list is required - this proof can be downloaded in Doc-GS once you are accepted as a doctoral candidate. If you are in the fortunate position to have a 100% position, an immatriculation as a student is not possible to anymore - this applies also for external doctoral candidates who have a full position in industry. For any kind of part-time jobs, enrollment as a student is always possible.

Question: When do I need to authenticate copies of certificates or diploma documents?

Answer: In principle, all the copies of master certificates must be authenticated with the associated originals. One exception is the TUM-based certificates. Therefore internal doctorate candidates who completed their master at TUM do not need to obtain authenticated copies. For all doctoral students with a master degree from somewhere else need to authenticate their copy for their certificates either at the issuing university or at a civil office of your home community.