New tool for battery research

Strategy& Presidential Award for lithium-ion battery test cell with separate electrodes

[26.05.2018] For a long time it was nearly impossible to examine the reactions at the anode and the cathode of lithium-ion batteries separately. As part of his doctoral thesis, Michael Metzger, scientist at the Chair of Technical Electrochemistry of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), developed an innovative battery test cell, which can do just that. For his innovative work, he was awarded the Strategy & Presidential Award 2017.

While lithium-ion batteries have proved their worth in billions of mobile devices, they are less suitable for the storage of large capacities. To further increase the energy density, new electrode materials and electrolyte fluids must be developed. For this research, the battery test cell developed by Dr. Michael Metzger is about to become an important tool.

With the award presented by TUM President Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann and Dr. Marcus Morawietz, Managing Director at Strategy&, the Technical University of Munich not only honors the outstanding scientific innovation but also the scientific commitment of the award winner.