Focus Research Areas
at the Department of Chemistry


Catalysis research is one of the interdisciplinary key issues of Technische Universität München (TUM). Since the groundbreaking work of Professor Ernst Otto Fischer (Nobel Prize 1973), catalysis research has been intensified particularly in chemistry and physics, simultaneously including engineering and process technology. [more...]

Biochemistry and Protein science

Protein science represents an area of central importance at the Department of Chemistry. The research focuses on the function, structure and dynamics of proteins which is matched by small molecules interacting with proteins and modulating their properties. In the context of chemical biology a broad set of methods including chemical synthesis is used to answer complex biological questions. Due to the rapid development and groundbreaking innovations in these areas, the pace of novel discoveries with implications for biology, biochemistry and medicine, including pharmacological intervention is steadily increasing. [more...]


Energy conversion, storage and green biotechnology are challenging tasks in material science. At the faculty of chemistry we work in various directions touching the fields of battery materials, fuel cell development, photo- and electrocatalysts, solar cell, thermoelectrics and biotechnology. These fields have in common that material synthesis, characterization and optimization are mandatory to identify new material classes and address suitable properties. In interdisciplinary teams of Chemists, Physicists and Materials Scientists we focus our scientific efforts in complementary fields of interest. [more...]