Fascination Research

Issue 27 | Inorganic Chemistry

In this issue of Faszination Forschung, you’ll get to know two creative minds who serve as spokespeople for individual Innovation Networks.
Simon Jacob works with researchers in the fields of medicine, natural sciences and informatics to understand complex brain functions such as language and develop methods to help stroke patients to regain the power of speech.
Angela Casini is conversant with the untapped potential that inorganic chemistry holds for the development of novel drugs. She uses organometallic complexes to deliberately inhibit the flow of water through tiny channels in cell membranes, an approach that could lead to new cancer medications.

selected stories | issue 27

Issue 18 | Focus on Catalysis

Focus on Catalysis – in it’s current edition, Faszination Forschung, the scientific journal of the Technical University of Munich, presents Catalysis research as the main topic of the magazine. An article by TUM President Wolfgang A. Herrmann is about the importance of catalysis research for modern societies and how TUM is positioning itself in this field with the new Catalysis Research Center (CRC). Furthermore you can find three research portraits on professors of our department: Prof. Ulrich Heiz, Prof. Thorsten Bach and Prof. Thomas Brück. Another article presents the field of research of Prof. Johannes Barth, associate member of the CRC from the Department of Physics.

selected stories | issue 18