Going abroad (Scientists/Staff)

TUM is open to the world and stands for international academic exchange. TUM International Center offers a wealth of opportunities for international networking and worldwide cooperation and supports students, scientists and administration and management staff in their efforts to gain international experience.

Research and Teaching. TUM provides a variety of opportunities for establishing and maintaining international networks. Scientist mobility is one of those options. Within the scope of ERASMUS+, we promote mobility for teaching purposes within Europe. The international dimension of the ERASMUS+international programe opens funding opportunities for stays outside Europe. Please also see development cooperations and further funding options.

Training. The internationalisation of our administration is a stated goal at TUM. Staff mobility is a sustainable way to achieve that goal.

Important: Please note that the new programe Erasmus+ international enables mobility outside Europe for study, teaching and training purposes!

Students. Please see information on Auslandssekretariat of the Department of Chemistry. For Further information see Going abroad: students and interns.

The TUM Language Center offers students and staff diverse opportunities to develop competence in a foreign language, emphasizing intercultural communication in the context of scientific research.

The English Writing Center offers free one-to-one consulting in English writing to all members of the TUM community.