Department of Chemistry

A Quality-Conscious Protein

Wissenschaftler entdecken neue Funktion eines altbekannten Enzyms

[01.12.2022] Researchers have identified a new function of a well-known enzyme: the signal peptidase complex is responsible for the quality control of membrane proteins. The discovery of this new function for a key enzyme in cell biology has been published in ‘Science’ and could lead to new therapeutic approaches for Alzheimer’s and other protein-misfolding diseases [more...]

Cell-free production of bacteriophages

Viruses help combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria

[26.07.2022] More and more bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics. Bacteriophages are one alternative in the fight against bacteria: These viruses attack very particular bacteria in a highly specific way. Now a Munich research team has developed a new way to produce bacteriophages efficiently and without risk. [more...]

The Chemisty Department in the media

Can algae save the world?

A TV documentary on ARTE shows what algae can do for us

[28.01.2022] Algae have created the basis for our life on earth. Given the current problems, could they help us again? In her documentation, editor Jenny von Sperber visits, among others, Prof. Brück at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). He conducts research on algae at the Werner Siemens Chair in Synthetic Biotechnology. The documentary presents some of his ideas. [more...]