Transferable Skills courses and their reimbursement

With the exeption of the kick-off seminars (and the obligation to attend one of these), the participation in the further transferable skills programme is volontary. The TUM-GS recommends these courses and subsidizes them. Doctoral candidates can join 8 days of courses for a contribution of just 20 EUR per day. For more courses, the student has to pay the full fee. Please navigate here to find more about the course offers for doctoral candidates:

Basically, the TUM-GS has the following partner institutions in offering the transferable skills programme:

WiMes (offers courses especially designed for TUM-GS members)
The education offers are directed to all coworkers of the TUM.The choice of courses are divided into five areas:
- Self-development
- Creativity and Ability to communicate
- Basics of economic actions
- successful foundation of an enterprise
- Intercultural Communications and Languages
- Specific courses: Computing, personell, budget, literature research (ehem. Carl-von-Linde-Academie)
There are courses available in the following areas:

  • Basics & Diagnosis
  • Media & Public Relations
  • Politics & Economics
  • Ethnics & Social Issues
  • Art & Culture
  • Methods & Procedures

ProLehre: Courses for Improving the Teaching Skills

The TUM Career Service supports students, doctoral candidates and alumni during their application processes and their career planning. Use the manyfold offers that might help you in the entry into the next career step and give you a lead in knowledge against other applicants.
The offers include:
-  application coaching
-  career advice
-  international career
-  E-career offers (webinars & chats with experts)
-  Manual for your career (application guidebook of the TUM)

Language center
The language center offers the opportunity to learn foreign and technical languages at university-oriented level. This comprises seminars of the basic, comprehensive and higher level in eleven languages. At the campuses in Garching and Weihenstephan, self-learning facilities are available to study independently from the courses.

Center of Diversity
The Diversity Center of the TUM offers special competence seminars for female students and scientists. Work shops and other events should be utilized to exchange knowledge and know-how to ease the daily work and the research work independently from a specific research area.

The organisation "UnternehmerTUM" offers in close cooperation with their partner businesses and the research groups at the TUM a variety of lectures and seminars for imparting entrepreneurial knowledge.