The People behind the scenes of the Graduate Center

Academic Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Fritz E. Kühn

Prof. Dr. Fritz E. Kühn is the academic spokesperson of the Departmental Graduate Center. He currently holds the professorship for Molecular Catalysis and is representative for foreign affairs of the department.


room 37309
phone: 13096


Managing director: Dr. Markus Drees

Dr. Markus Drees is the managing director of the Departmental Graduate Center Chemistry. He is also executive member of the examination commission for the chemistry bachelor study programme. Scientifically, his topic is the simulation of reaction mechanisms with DFT methods in the organometallic chemistry that he still conducts in the Inorganic Chemistry.

Raum 56206
Tel: 13385
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Secretary: Mrs Katharina Götz

room 26508 (office for student affairs)
phone: 130201
email (general):
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Availability: morning hours 9.30-11.30 Uhr (Mon-Thu) 9.30-13.00 (Fri), afternoon hours 13.30-16.00 Uhr (Mon, Wed)

Doctorate Representatives


Michaela Fiedler
(Chair of Organic Chemistry 2)

email: michaela.fiedler{at}
phone: 51725  (CPA)



Tobias Kutsch
(Chair of Technical Electrochemistry)
email: tobias.kutsch{at}
phone: 13856