Lecturers and TUM Adjunct Professors

PD Dr. Sonja Dames

Chair of Biomolecular NMR-Spectroscopy

PD Dr. Henrik Daub


apl. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Eisenreich

Biochemistry, Metabolism,
Prebiotic Chemistry

PD Dr. Friedrich Esch

Chair of Physical Chemistry I

PD Dr. Gerd Gemmecker

Structural Biochemistry

apl. Prof. Dr. Christoph Haisch

Analytical Chemistry

PD Dr. Andreas Jentys

Chair of Chemical Engineering II

apl. Prof. Dr. Peter Köhler

Food Chemistry

apl. Prof. Dr. Anton Lerf

Inorganic Chemistry

PD Dr. Alexander Pöthig

Inorganic Chemistry & Catalysis

PD Dr. Michael Seidel

Analytical Chemistry,