Former University Lecturers and TUM Junior Fellows

Antes, Prof Dr. Iris † - Theoretical Biochemistry, Protein Modelling
Arenz, Prof. Dr. Matthias - Physical Chemistry, electro-catalysis

Bacher, Prof. Dr. Adelbert - Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry
Bachmann, Prof. Dr. Luis
Baumann, Prof. Dr. Thomas - Wasserchemie
Baumgärtner, Prof. Dr. em. Franz † - Radiochemistry
Becker, Prof. Dr. Christian - Biochemistry, Protein Chemistry
Bösl-von Grafenstein, apl. Prof. Dr. Ulrich - Physical Chemistry
Bondybey, Prof. Dr. Vladimir † - Physical Chemistry
Burkert, Prof. Dr. Paul

Camilloni, Prof. Dr. Carlo - Integrative Structural Biology

Dialer, Prof. Dr. Kurt † - Chemical Technology
Dömling, PD Dr. Alexander - Organic Chemistry, Multicomponent Reactions
Domcke, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang -  Theoretical Chemistry
Dörr, Prof. Dr. Friedrich † - Physical Chemistry

Eckert, PD Dr. Heiner - Organic Chemistry, Chemical Syntheses
Eppinger, FD Dr. Jörg - Molecular Catalysis, Organometallic Chemistry, Enzymology

Firl, Prof. Dr. Joachim
Fischer, em. Prof. Dr. Ernst Otto - Inorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry
Fontain, PD Eric - Organic Chemistry
Fritz, Prof. Dr. H.P. † - Anorganische Chemie
Funeriu, Dr. Daniel - Complex Biochemcial Systems, Microarray Technologies

Grüneis, Prof. Dr. Andreas - Assistant Professorship of Computational Solid State / Condensed Matter Physics and Quantum Chemistry
Gulder, Prof. Dr. Tanja - Biomimetic Catalysis
Gulder, Prof. Dr. Tobias A. M. - Biosystems Chemistry

Härter, apl. Prof. Dr Peter - Analytical Chemistry
Heinrich, Prof. Dr. Markus - Organic Synthesis, Fluorine Chemistry, Radical Chemistry
Herrmann, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang A. - Inorganic Chemistry
Heusinger, Prof. Dr. Helmut †
Hofacker, Prof. Dr. Ludwig - Theoretical Chemistry
Huber, Prof. Dr. Robert - Biochemistry, X-Ray Protein Crystallography
Huber, Dr. Stefan - Organic Chemistry

Itzen, Prof. Dr. Aymelt - Biochemistry, Protein Chemistry

Jordan, Prof. Dr. Rainer - Polymer Chemistry - Polymers at Surfaces, Colloid Systems, Functional Polymers
Jutz, Prof. Dr. Christian

Karsch, apl. Prof. Dr. Hans H. - Inorganic Chemistry
Kerber, Prof. Dr. Robert †- Macromolecular substances
Kessler, Prof. Dr. Horst - Organic Chemisty, NMR spectroscopy
Kiefhaber, Prof. Dr. Thomas - Biophysical Chemistry, Dynamics and Folding of Proteins
Killmann, Prof. Dr. Erwin - Chemical Technology
Kirsch, Prof. Dr. Stefan - Organometallic Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry, Total Synthesis
Kraus, Prof. Dr. Florian - Inorganic Chemistry - Fluorine Chemistry
Köhler, Prof. Dr. Frank H. - Inorganic Chemistry, NMR Spectroscopy
Knopp, apl. Prof. Dr. Dietmar - Analytical Chemistry
Kreißl, apl. Prof. Dr. Friedrich R. - Organometallic Chemistry
Kunkel, Dr. Nathalie  - Inorganic Molecular and Solid State Chemistry
Kunze-Liebäuser, Prof. Dr. Julia

Lang, Prof. Dr. Kathrin - Synthetic Biochemistry
Lange, Dr. Oliver - Organic Chemistry, Computational Structural Biology
Lemmen, apl. Prof. Dr. Peter - Organic Chemistry
Linsmeier, Prof. Dr. Christian
Lux, Prof. Dr. Franz - Radiochemistry
Luy, PD Dr. Burkhard - NMR-Spectroscopy

Madl, Dr. Tobias - Biomolecular NMR Spectroskopy
Manthe, Prof. Dr. Uwe - Theoretical Chemistry
Michel-Beyerle, Prof. Dr. Maria-Elisabeth - Physikalische Chemie
Moroder, Prof. Dr. Luis - Bioorganic Chemistry
Müller, PD Dr. Thomas - Chemical Technology - From Molecular Catalysts to Catalysts for Fixed Bed Reactors

Nießner, Prof. Dr. Reinhard - Analytical Chemistry, Hydrochemistry
Nest, Prof. Dr. Mathias - Theoretical Chemistry, Quantum Dynamics
Neusser, Prof. Dr. Hans Jürgen - Physical Chemistry
Niewa, Prof. Dr. Rainer - Solid State Chemistry, Material Science
Nitsch, Prof. Dr. Walter † - Chemical Technology
Nuyken, Prof. Dr. i.R. Oskar - Polymer Chemistry

Oberhofer, Prof. Dr. Harald - Theoretical Chemistry
Ogrodnik, PD Dr. Alexander - Physical Chemistry

Plank, Prof. Dr. Johann - Construction Chemistry

Rabe, PD Dr. Gerd - Inorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry
Reuter, Prof. Dr. Karsten - Theoretical Chemistry
Richter, Dr. KlausBiotechnologie
Rösch, Prof. Dr. Notker - Theoretical Chemistry
Ruhland, PD Dr. Klaus - Activation of Less Reactive Bonds and Small Molecules

Scheibel, Prof. Dr. Thomas - Biotechnologie
Schieberle, Prof. Dr. Peter - Food Chemistry
Schiemann, Prof. Dr. Olav - Physical Chemistry
Schlag, em. Prof. Dr. Edward W. † - Physical Chemistry
Schmidbaur, em. Prof. Dr. Hubert - Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
Schmidtchen, Prof. Dr. Franz P. † - Bioorganic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry
Schmitt-Fumian, Prof. Dr. Werner
Schneider, Prof. Dr. Sven - Inorganic Chemistry
Schottelius, apl. Prof. Dr. Magret - Pharmaceutical Radiochemistry
Schuster, Prof. Dr. Michael - Analytical Chemistry
Selzle, PD Dr. Heinrich † - Physical Chemistry
Simon, em. Prof. Dr. Helmut † - Biochemistry
Spiteller, Prof. Dr. Peter - Organic Chemistry

Thoss, PD Dr. Michael - Theoretical Chemistry
Tiefenbacher, Prof. Dr. Konrad - Organic Chemistry
Tromp, Prof. Dr. Moniek - Inorganic Chemistry, Characterisation in Catalysis
Türler, Prof. Dr. Andreas - Radiochemistry

Ugi, em. Prof. Dr. Ivar † - Organic Chemistry, Computerchemistry

Veprek, Prof. Dr. i.R. Stanislav - Materials Science

Weder, Prof. Dr. Simon
Weihrich, Prof. Dr. Richard - Strukturanalytik in der Katalyse
Weller, PD Dr. Michael G. - Bioanalytical Chemistry, Environmental Analysis
Wester, Prof, Dr. Hans-Jürgen - Pharmaceutical Radiochemisty
Winter, Dr. Jeanette - Biotechnology