Research Areas

Gregor Kieslich is an inorganic chemist focusing on crystal chemistry and structure–property relations in functional solids and hybrid frameworks. He studied chemistry between 2006 and 2010 at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. After completing his PhD in 2013 with Prof. W. Tremel, he moved to Cambridge University to work with Prof A. K. Cheetham. Throughout his career he has been awarded several fellowships, including the Konrad-Adenauer PhD fellowship and the DFG research fellowship. Currently, he is a Junior Research Group leader at the Technical University of Munich, holding a Liebig-Fellowship.

His current research projects focus on understanding lattice dynamics and thermodynamics in solid state materials and inorganic-organic frameworks, paying close attention to the ties between structure and function. For instance, exploring the extent to which entropy can be exploited as a design principle for the synthesis of new flexible frameworks, as well as for materials with dynamic properties. Materials synthesis plays a key role in the group, while in situ diffraction techniques, such as variable temperature and high pressure X-ray diffraction, are employed to study the responses of materials under external stimuli.