Graduation Day 2020

The Graduation Day 2020 has been scheduled for July 24th, 2020. Unfortunately, the Corona pandemy leads us the cancel this event for this year. We are sorry about this.


Award event for the EVONIK research award and the Jürgen Manchot study awards at October 5th, 2020

Although the Graduation Day 2020 has been canceled, the EVONIK research award (prize money 1,500 EUR) has been awarded to a doctoral candidate from the department, as well as 9 Jürgen Manchot study prizes for the three best master graduates of the biochemistry, chemistry and chemical engineering master's programme (EUR 1,250 each).

EVONIK research award is granted to Dr. Finn Burg from Prof. Bach's group (organic chemistry)

Despite of the corona pandemy, Dr. Christoph Weckbecker from EVONIK insisted on honoring the award winner personally in Garching. Due to the longer period of time between nomination and award, the awardee Dr. Finn Burg has in the meanwhile completed his doctorate at the Chair of Organic Chemistry 1 (PhD supervisor: Prof. Dr. Thorsten Bach). In his work, he tried to recreate the functionality of the enzyme cytochrome 450 from nature and to develop catalysts for the enantioselective hydroxylation of complex organic natural substances. Like the natural enzyme, these catalysts contain manganese ions bound to porphyrins. Dr. Burg was able to generate impressive selectivities with his catalyst systems, so that the hydroxylation could be precisely controlled both with regard to the stereochemistry and the position where the OH group should be added in the relevant organic substrates. The outcome of his research work has been published in high-ranking journals.

9 excellent master's graduates

The first graduates to be honored were the award winners from the biochemistry master programme. Kathrin Bach and Maximilian Genz were not able to travel to Garching due to their doctoral research phase that had already started in Prague and Cambridge respectively. Prof. Dr. Kathrin Lang and TUM Junior Fellow Dr. Stephan Hacker gave their laudatory speech, which will be sent to the awardees as a memory. Tobias Becker, the third winner, came together with his laudator Dr. Pavel Kielkowski to Garching. Dr. Kielkowski is currently a junior group leader at the LMU and Tobias Becker wrote the master’s thesis in his group and now he moved on to start his doctorate in this group.

Regarding the chemistry awardees, all of the winners were present in Garching. First, Johannes Großkopf was honored by the laudatio written and read by his current doctoral supervisor (and advisor in the master's thesis) Prof. Dr. Thorsten Bach. Thereafter, Prof. Dr. Job Boekhoven honored his former master's student and current doctoral student Fabian Späth. Likewise, Prof. Dr. Shigeyoshi Inoue read the laudatio for Florian Tschernuth via Zoom, while he received the certificate in the lecture hall from Dean Prof. Dr. Sieber.

Two of the three awardees in the field of chemical engineering were honored by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Klein (also via Zoom): Johanna Hemauer and Michael Kreitmeir. Both had done their master's thesis with Prof. Klein and are now in his working group in the middle of their doctoral thesis. The third winner, Dan-Ioan-Mehelean, was not there because he has been returning to his home country Romania. The supervisor of his Master's thesis, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai-Olaf Hinrichsen prepared the laudation as a video speech that was sent along with the certificate. 

We wish all award winners the best in their life, career and in science.