Support for disadvantaged students

Diversity Dimensions

The term diversity describes similarities and differences between people, as is defined by the german society for diversity management.

Differences between people can be classified in so called core dimensions. These are shown in the following figure:

Nobody shall be kept from studying at the faculty for chemistry of TUM because of his approach or because of his characteristics concerning these core dimensions.


Support for students

Students who feel underprivileged in any of the mentioned fields can apply for financial or ideal support.

Decisions about kind and extent of this support will be made after evaluation of each individual case in accord with the person concerned.

Appplication is for example possible for disabled students, who need support in lab courses or lectures, but also for students with language difficulties or students who care for their children alongside their studies.

Please note that you might be forwarded to specialised centers or that in case of too strong limitations studies at the TUM will not be possible.

Students who are interested in that kind of support, will get further informations via email to .