Diversity Day 2022: 31.5.2022

For this year's Diversity Day on 31.5.2022, we have planned a variety of events and offers:

on 31.5. there will be different stands in the lobby of the department, for example from the Frauennotruf München (support for women who have experienced harrassment), the Factbook Diversity will be available to read, you can do a privilege walk and a diversity quiz. Additionally, the Diversity cookbook of the department will be presented and there is the possibility of giving feedback before it will be released in print in the summer.

Additionally, there will be a wheelchair rallye through the department.


Within the course of the week, there will also be two talks (held in German):

Wednesday, 1.6., 17:00 Uhr (in presence, CH26410):

Digitale Barrierefreiheit (Florian Pawlik, TNG Technology Consulting GmbH)


Thursday, 2.6., 17:00 Uhr

(online, tum-conf.zoom.us/j/61870257472 (Kenncode: 782522)):

Sexuelle Belästigung (Mirjam Spies, Beratungsstelle Frauennotruf München)

Diversity Days 2020

In May 2020, it was planned to organize events for the first Diversity Days at the faculty. Aim of these events was to give faculty members the possibility to get to know different aspects of diversity in talks, workshops and exhibitions.

Sadly, the event had to be cancelled due to Corona and will be made up for later. Still, we were able to publish a cookbook with recipes from members of our department which you can download below.

Additionally, we present the events that had been planned for the Diversity Days and which we hope to be able to carry out soon with respect to the corona situation:

  • cooking show
  • photo booth
  • café of the generations
  • presentation of the diversity dimensions and the factbook diversity
  • tours to the nursery and the break room of the department
  • subject area international: exchange between international department members, world map to show countries of origin of members of our department
  • subject area health: talks about mental health, workshops for back fitness, dancing
  • subject area accessibility: age simulation suit, wheelchair rallye, talk about digital accessibility
  • subject area studying with restrictions: talks and workshops about studying with depression, dyslexia, visual impairment
  • children program: baloons, childcare, origami folding, liquid nitrogen icecream

TUM Chemistry Cookbook for the Diversity Day 2020

Even though the planned activities for the Diversity Day cannot take place today, the Diversity Board still wanted to use to opportunity and provide diversion in times of Corona.

Therefore, we publish the first version of the department's cookbook, where members from different divisions of the department present themselves and their favorite recipes.

A printed version will follow.

If you want to provide us with your favorite recipe, just write an email to  cooking@ch.tum.de, we are happy to broaden the scope of the cookbook!

And for the time being: have fun reading, cooking and getting to know the members of our department!

Download of the cookbook

Breakroom of the department of chemistry

Since 2018, the new breakroom of the department of chemistry is open for all faculty members.

The cozy room is located in 5th floor of the orange building part, room number 56103. It is equipped with modern furniture that enables an ideal atmosphere for a relaxed stay in the room. It also has a sink. The picture gallery gives an impression of the furniture.

The room can be used by all members of the faculty, both students and employees. It can be used for short recreation breaks as well as a place for retraction if necessary. Additionally, the room is available for women who need a place to breast feed their babies.

If you want to book the break room, plese use the booking form. If you have any questions, please contact the womens' representative Oksana Storcheva (frauenbeauftragte@ch.tum.de).

Please click on one of the images to start the picture gallery.

Other current Projects

The faculty of chemistry was granted funding by the Gender & Diversity Incentive Fund. This will be used for the generation of a family-friendly work environment through projects in the following fields:

1) Health promotion

In the field of health promotion it is planned to realize workshops, especially to meet the requirements related to the contact with hazardous substances.

2) Flexibilisation of working hours

Especially for non-scientific members of staff, flexible working hours are important to increase the compatibility of family and work. This will be obtained by arranging the possibility of telework for a broader field of employees.

3) Pregnancy and childcare

As during pregnancy no laboratory work is possible, pregnancies cause long downtimes. This leads to delays in projects and financial problems. Therefore, the granted funding will be used to compensate absences due to pregnancy. Furthermore, pregnant students will be supported in continuing their studies, possibly with virtual laboratory internships.

4) Care of relatives

Because of the demographic change, more and more young people are responsible for the care of relatives. Therefore, supporting measures for the long term absence of employees are necessary. In case of emergencies, families should be granted assistance in the form of emergency childcare (if required even in the faculty´s childcare room). Emergency eldercare could be possible as well.

5) Family service

For employees involved in long term experiments or business trips special services like a purchase or household service will be established.


Besides the beforementioned projects, the studies at the faculty of chemistry should be made possible for all motivated students. Therefore, effort is put in projects  to support disadvantaged students. More information can be found here.


Do you have further suggestions for innovative projects for the formation of a family-friendly work environment?


Do you want to utilize one of the mentioned measures?

Do not hesitate to contact us: frauenbeauftragte@ch.tum.de