Gender & Diversity

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Students who have been affected by the current situation in Ukraine directly or indirectly, due to having fled or being worried about familiy and friends or for other reasons can find support offers here.

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Gender & Diversity

The work on gender and diversity is based on three important columns: promotion of scientists by science management, promotion of staff by talent management and creation of better offers leading to a better compatibility of study and family and job and family, respectively.

To better implement the projects planned, a diversity board has been established in the department, which consists of diversity relevant representatives (e.g. woman´s officer, disabled-employee officer) as well as representatives of staff, professors and students. The board will meet twice a year.

The long-term target of the diversity board is an improved level of information in the department related to all matters concerning gender and diversity. Furthermore, projects concerning science management, talent management and work-life-balance shall be implemented.

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Science Management

University environment continuously grows more complex, so scientists need support in their function as researchers and teachers. This happens with seminars and workshops about science management and women in science and technology, closely related with the work on work-life balance where many offers are created specifically for women.

Already realised projects concerning science management include lectures of female scientific instructors about their work in science. For future events, woman coaching and other methods are planned to be presented.

In the department of chemistry, cross-generational offers in scientific promotion and illustration of different career paths in science and technology are going to be expanded.

Further information related to science management in TUM is offered by the Chair of Research and Science Management promoting scientists with different offers. A big target is to expand the competences in leadership and management.

Talent Management

Talent management aims to promote talents optimally tailored to their requirements. This includes flexible working hours, home office for working parents, and support for getting back to work after a break due to family reasons such as care for family members or maternity leave.

It is important to make everyone`s rights (such as maternity leave) and obligations at TUM clear and easily understandable.

TUM strives hardly to promote talents best possible in all areas, either by grants for outstanding students or tenure-track programs for lecturers.

Studies and Career with Family

Students and staff caring for children or family members in need of care in addition to their studies or work in the university, often need to do an especially important balancing act in regards to university and family.

TUM offers a variety of supporting possibilities, starting with day care centres for children on the campus, flexible children nursery in the department or special programs for care of family members. There are a variety of chances and possibilities that family does not need to stay beyond the university.

In the department of chemistry, there are many chances in the area of work-life balance: in addition to the spatial requirements (nursery, relaxation room) there is now the possibility of flexible childcare in the department. Also, flexible working hours and home office can be established when required. Furthermore, offers related to a healthy diet shall be developed.

On our website, you can find more information about parental benefits, maternity leave, child benefits, and related legal and administrative questions.