General remarks regarding the membership

Every doctoral candidate who enrolls his or her doctorate study after January 1st, 2014, these students are requested to join the new version of the registration list and the TUM-GS at the very beginning of their doctorate research phase. Doctorate students who are not members of a thematic graduate school (IGSSE, NanoCat, QCCC, European Graduate School of Sustainable Energy Technology) have to enroll in the Departmental Graduate Center Chemistry (FGCh) for this purpose to be part of the TUM-GS network. An application for the volontary membership in the TUM Graduate Schoool is unfortunately not possible anymore for all the "older" doctorate candidates who filed in a request for entry on the doctorate registration list of the faculty not later than December 31, 2013.

Details about the obligatory membership

Which obligations and rules do apply for obligatory members? (registration after Jan 1, 2014)

- Registration on the doctorate registration list
IMPORTANT: To enroll on the list, use the web portal via This web portal will produce a custom-made form for the registration at the doctorate registration list. A print-out version of this form and your other documents (e.g. master certificate, passport, supervision agreement - see below) has to be brought to the Dean's office of the Department to check your data and approve the request.
==> Information for Students with a foreign master/diploma degree to get it nostrified: see PDF document

- Supervision agreement (PDF for download)

- Attendance at one kick-off seminar of the TUM-GS within the first six month after joining the FGCh (informations & upcoming seminars)

- Visiting of scientific courses and lectures (e.g. colloquia, research group meetings, problem seminars, summer schools, lecture series) - 6 SWS in three years = 62 hours

- Interim evaluation (feedback meeting) in the second year (see information leaflet and blank form)

- Yearly confirmation of membership (via the above mentioned online portal)

- Integration into the scientific environment of the TUM or similar organizations like Max-Planck or Helmholtz

All the listed points are relevant for completing the doctorate title. Should there be a problem in fulfilling any of these requirements, an exemption of the rules can be requested by your first advisor at the Dean of the faculty which has then to be approved by the TUM President.  

Highly recommend are the follwing voluntary modules:

- up to 8 course days of courses with interdisciplinary background are being reimbursed by the TUM-GS (choose from the course programme of university related organizations like WIMES, CVL Academy, language center, Unternehmer-TUM, ...) => Soft skill page of the TUM-GS / Language courses page of the TUM-GS

- a stay at a research group abroad or international conferences) => up to 1600 EUR can be requested as financial support from the TUM-GS - when a research stay exceeds one month, then the support increases up to 3.000 EUR (See information from the TUM-GS)

- teaching duties during the full doctorate period

Which regulations are in place for voluntary members?

In principle, the same what is requested from the obligatory members: 

- Attendance at the Kick-off Seminar organized by the TUM-GS

- 6 SWS per three years of science / chemistry related events (Colloquia, scientific courses, group meetings)- at least one publication in an international journal or a presentation at an international conference or proceeding

- successful interim evaluation after the first or second year  

Voluntary achievements that will also be stated in the certificate are:

- courses with interdisciplinary background (choose from the course programme of university related organizations like WIMES, CVL Academy, language center, Unternehmer-TUM, ...)

- teaching duties during the full doctorate period

- a  stay abroad at a research group abroad or participation at international conferences)

The TUM-GS certificate has to be issued by the Faculty Graduate Center ( You will then receive an excel file as excerpt out of our database that has to be completed with the items you have achieved during your doctorate phase. Send the completed file back to us, please. The certificate can be handed over on the day of your examination as the earliest. 

Attention: Prior of submission of your thesis and the relevant documents in the downtown campus of the TUM, an upload of all documents has to be conducted in DOC-GS. For the voluntary members, an account has been created already (username: email address taken from the supervision agreement - in doubt, a new password can always be requested in the system).