Graduate Centers as substructures of the TUM-GS

With registration on the doctorate candidates' list, doctorate candidates  who started after January 1st, 2014, are obligatory members of the TUM Graduate School. This is usually achieved by joining a thematic or a faculty (better: departmental) graduate center. To enter a thematic graduate center is usually only possible, if you work on a specific topic that matches this graduate center. Therefore your supervisor has to decide if you are eligible. Thematic graduate centers with relevance to the Chemistry Faculty are for example IGSSE, HELENA (from the Helmholtz center Neuherberg), TUM Create in Singapore, and GSISH. All other doctorate candidates from Chemistry should join the Departmental Graduate Center Chemistry. Besides the application for the registration via DOC-GS, during this process the supervision agreement of the specific graduate center has to be filled out and signed.

Please note: Every single graduate center has its own supervision agreement in place. For the Departmental Graduate Center Chemistry (FGC Chemistry) you should only use the version available for download here. Supervision agreements of other graduate centers are avaiable on the relevant webpages or please ask their staff of management.

The graduate centers are responsible for scientific education. Offers are usually available on the centers' web pages.

Links & Downloads for the FGC Chemistry:

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Supervision agreement

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