Getting the Degree

The Department of Chemistry usually awards the doctorate title "Dr. rer. nat." (Doctor of Sciences) for successful doctorate candidates. In certain circumstances, it is also possible to receive the title "Dr. Ing." (Doctor of Engineering). The following rules apply in order to get this Dr. Ing.: a) the candidate has to have a master's degree equivalent to the diploma title "Dipl-Ing." (for example a M.Sc. in chemical engineering), and b) one member of the examination commission has to be member (either directly or associated) of those departments that primarily award the degree "Dr. Ing" (currently: architecture, constuction - geology - environment, mechanical engineering, electronics and information technology). Basically, the type of degree will be negotiated already during the registration process.

Submission of the thesis / Application for the final exam / Obligation to publish your thesis

Prerequisite for the opening of the examination procedure, is a valid entry in the list of doctoral candidates. For all doctoral candidates who registered before January 1st, 2014 on the list, this is the only action to be taken in advance.

All doctoral candidates who were registered after January 1st, 2014, on the doctoral candidates' list are associated with a membership in the TUM Graduate School, which must have existed at the time of opening of the examination procedures for at least 2 years. This membership includes a mandatory attendance in one of the many kick-off seminars of the TUM-GS and the implementation of a certified feedback talk with your supervisor in the second or third year of your doctoral studies. In addition, a further professional qualification of 6 semester hours per week in three years (62 h in total) and the discussion of research results with the professionals (e.g., by at least one first author publication as a full paper or communication or a conference paper or poster presentation) must be proofed. This proof has to be uploaded into Doc-GS. Upon completion of the doctoral thesis an overview of the performance will be created and confirmed by the doctoral candidate and the supervisor that the minimum obligations have been met.

The submission for all(!) applications for the examination procedure will be initiated via the online system Doc-GS. This also applies for the non-members of the TUM-GS und all voluntary members with the validity of the old promotion rules. Non-Members have to register via prior to the application process. In case of the voluntary members, the TUM-GS has already created accounts for all voluntary members by using the mail address written in the supervision agreement. Usually, you need to use the "forget password" function to create a password.

The procedure of making the application online shows this PDF description. Additionally, the TUM-GS provides informations. For the old regulations via and for the new regulations via After submission of the online application the deanery and in case of a membership the graduate center will check the data preliminarily. After that, the doctorate candidate has to fix a date with the office for doctorate affairs in the downtown campus for submitting the uploaded documents as original papers.

Please note: the changes that apply for all members due to the new promotion laws from 2021 apply for all doctorate candidates. If you have urgent questions, please contact Dr. Markus Drees.

The following documents have to be submitted firstly online and than via postal letter to the Doctoral Office at the Immatriculation department in downtown Munich at least one week before the Faculty Council meeting (applies to all doctorate candidates):

1. Completed doctoral application (available from Doc-GS after the check from the graduate center and eventually Dean's Office)

2. Proof of the required education

For those who registered before 2014:

  • Diploma or master's certificate as a certified photocopy
  • Certificate Diploma or master's transcript of records or certificate on the state exam, etc. (certified photocopy)
  • Candidates with higher education qualifications from a foreign country: conformation of the equivalence of the diploma or master's degree in original and copy

For all the others: All certificates are already stored in Doc-GS. No further copies are needed.

3. One PDF version of the dissertation

  • use the special title page (but leaving blank the names of the examiners and the dates in the last part of the page)

4. A summary of the dissertation (message of your dissertation), five to six rows = 500 characters (in German and English) for the yearbook of the TUM. For more information about the message of your thesis, you can refer to the following link

5. An affidavit - everything written in the thesis is based on your own work and you have never tried unsuccessfully to use these results already to receive a similar degree

6. The written agreement of the / r supervisor for a publication based thesis (only necessary in this case and for candidates where the newest promotion laws do not apply) - see appendix 6 in the doctorate regulations.

For those of the newest promotions laws apply, no agreement with the suipervisor has to be shown unless the basic rules for publication-based dissertation have been fulfilled.

7. A list of your publications (PDF)

8. A curriculum vitae in German language (as PDF, especially the prior education should be emphasized)


Please send everything via post to the Doctorate Office of the TUM!

* Current dates for the faculty meetings and the preceeding last days of possible submissions in the downtown campus administration until the end of summer term 2022: 

Date of the Faculty Meeting Last day of thesis submission*
February 2nd, 2022 January 26th, 2022
March 16th, 2022 March 9th, 2022
April 27th, 2022 April 20th, 2022
June 1st, 2022 May 25th, 2022
July 20th, 2022 July 13th, 2022
September 7th, 2022 August 31st, 2022

 * Submissions are possible upto 1 week before the faculty meeting..

The process proceeds as follows:

  • After checking of the documents, the Doctorate Office forwards the application including appendices  to the Dean's Office. At the same time, the proposal for the Examination Board is sent from the supervisor  to the Dean's Office not later than two days before the Faculty Council Meeting. The Faculty Council  authorizes the Board of Examiners.
  • After successful evaluation by the examinors, the Dean's Office starts the so called  "circulation through the department". There is an online version in place. The circulation has to be completed within a maximum of four weeks and a favorable "support" by a support voting of at least twenty professors is needed to proceed to the next step.
  • Once the required number of support votes have been collected, the chairman of the Examination Committee fixes the examination date in consultation with the examiners and the doctoral candidate and communicates it to the Dean's Office. The date of the last signature before the final exam will appear as the "day of acceptance by the department" in the title page of the thesis and the certificate. The Dean's Office will then send invitations to the "public of the faculty" at least one week before the exam. 
  • After the exam, the examination committee determines if the final exam has been passed and the doctorate is awarded. The chairman announces the result to the candidate and sends the result together with the revised documents to the Dean's office. The Dean's Office completes the entry in the database for doctoral candidates and forwards the documents to the Doctorate Office.
  • In case the examination committee requests changes in the thesis document, these changes will be written in the examination report and the candidate would be notified to commit these alterations in the final document. In this case the documents are not forwarded to the Doctorate Office until the changes are made. If no changes have to be made, the thesis document is approved to be completed.
  • After the exam and possible alterations in the thesis, the candidate must publish the approved version of the thesis. The cover sheet has to be prepared in accordance with the template and it has to be approved  prior to publication with the Doctorate Office. In this process, the title of the work, the names of the examiners and data of the records of dates are macthed with the data from the Office. The information in the cover page for "date of filing" (arrival at the Promotion Office) and "date of acceptance" (end of circulation) have been determined after consideration by the Dean's Office and can be asked in the Doctoral Office.
  • The confirmation for publication must be presented within one year at the Doctorate Office. The following options of how to publish the dissertation are available:
    • online version uploaded to the server of the University Library wothout printed versions needed or
    • 6 printed hard copies and a contract with a publisher including the official ISBN number of your thesis
  • After the submission of the required copies the now official doctor receives the provisional doctoral certificate in the Doctorate Office. They have to be collected from the Doctorate Office in person by appointment (to be made 3 days before pick up). On this occasion, also insight into the exam protocol can be taken. The final doctoral certificate will be send to the Dean's Office and by appointment it can be collected in person. Once the documents have been created you will be notified by the Doctorate Office. We also can sent them by registered mail (within Germany).


Legal disclaimer: This compilation of process step is for information purposes only. The only validity is given to the relevant doctoral degree regulations of the TUM.