Doctorate studies at the Department of Chemistry

The doctorate certificate is the highest academic degree awarded by the Department of Chemistry. It certifies the qualification for independent scientific work.

In most of the cases, doctoral candidates work as a research assistant or fellow in one of the research groups of our department and pursue their doctorate project. Usually, duties in teaching and research are also included during their doctorate phase. Although attendance in "classical" lectures is usually not part of the promotion curriculum, the  integration into the system of the TUM Graduate School enforces at least professional development via other formats (research group seminars, institute - and other - colloquia with invited guests presenting their science, summer schools etc.).

It is also possible to make an external doctorate research in industry. In this case, you still need a supervisor out of the group of professors or TUM Junior fellows from our department and a temporary working period in an academic environment are needed.

As there is no central application site for open doctorate positions, you have to apply directly to the professor or group leader of your choice for a thesis supervision. For applicants who have not previously studied in our department, this website is recommended as a starting point in the search for the appropriate working group: