Vorträge in der Fakultät Chemie

25.01.2021 16:15, Zoom, Password: 175626

Prof. Caterina Cocchi, Theoretische Festkörperphysik, Universität Oldenburg
Exciting organic semiconductors: Optical spectra, charge transfer, and dynamics from first principles

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18.01.2021 16:15, Zoom, Password: 703597

Prof. Patrick Nürnberger, Physikalische Chemie, Universität Regensburg
Steering the photodynamics of a molecule by variation of adjacent species

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07.12.2020 16:15, Zoom, Password: 935052

Dr. Daniel Turner, Micron School of Materials Science & Engineering, Boise State University, USA
Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy Reveals the Spectral Dynamics of Förster Resonance Energy Transfer

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23.11.2020 16:15, Zoom, Password: 175626

Prof. Natalie Banerji, Departement für Chemie und Biochemie, Universität Bern
Using ultrafast spectroscopy to explore organic semiconductors: From solar cells to bioelectronics

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29.06.2020 16:15, Zoom, Password: 940013

Prof. Marcel Utz, School of Chemistry, University of Southampton, UK
Integration of NMR with Lab-on-a-chip devices for the study of live systems

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12.05.2020 14:00, Zoom

Prof. Dr. Corinna Hess, Professur für Bioanorganische Chemie
R20;Multi-cofactor complexes for (photo)catalysisR21; Hochschulöffentlicher Vortrag aus Anlass der Tenure-Evaluierung

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